This Is What Your Fingernails Tell About Your Personality


Personality depicts who we are and what we present in front of everyone. Personality the word says it all, the aura, the behaviour, the nature, the character and the mannerism.

But if you get to know that your appearance is affected by the shape of your fingernails. Yes, you got it right, the shape of fingernails depicts one’s character.

Here I begin with the shape of fingernails that you can relate to and can give a try about what your fingernails express about your psyche.

1. Flat And Wide

You are analytical with a clear mind. You possess a strong aptitude and a deep gut feeling. You think what you speak. It is believed that people with this kind of nail shape are creative and problem-solving in nature.

2. Square And Regular

People with square shaped nails are often found to be more diligent. They are very sincere and dedicated towards their responsibilities. They are found to be born natural leaders. They are trustworthy people and are easily trusted by others for completing any task. They even can prove themselves as party animals at times.