Press THIS Point For 2 Minutes And See The Wonders


After going through my earlier article about acupressure, reflexology and acupuncture, you would have got idea about how acupressure points work. In direction of acupressure, every other point has its own potential benefits. And so all points are somehow dedicated to provide special health benefits.

Acupressure/ Acupuncture or therapeutic pressure therapy has proved advantageous in getting rid of pain and discomfort. But for now, I have got one most useful acupressure point, get yourself aware of it.

# LV3 or Tai Chong.# LV3 or Tai Chong.

In Chinese, the acupressure point on foot is called Tai Chong but today’s present specialists have named it as LV3 or LR3 due to its powerful impact on the liver.

# Acupressure point on foot# Acupressure point on foot

Liver 3 Tai Chong is one of the most powerful point on the foot. Every acupuncturist must know the uses and benefits of this point.