OMG! Two Puppies Fell Into A Pit With A Cobra, Then Something Incredible Happened


“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met,” William Butler Yeats once said on Friendship. And indeed he said the truth.

Something similar with these two puppies who fell in a deep well.

Although some wild creatures look dangerous but they too can be very kind and harmless. They only harm when they sense any kind of attack from you.

This incident happened in Punjab. The owner of the puppies was very worried about them. He realized that they were missing when his bitch started barking very loud hysterically.

He then came to notice their absence and discovered them in a deep well.

They fell accidentally into it and couldn’t get out at their own as the well is too deep. What he saw gave him chills. A king cobra was sitting besides them. But instead of harming them, he was protecting them from the dangerous sides of the well, which were saturated with water.

Help finally arrived after 48 years of the puppies waiting in the well.

When the experts went down to extract them, the cobra moved out of the way. It crawled on the other side of the well.