Model Groped 100 Pen!ses On Streets And Victim Men Just Went Mad (Video)


Call it a prank; call it an attention-seeking gag; call it whatever you might feel, but this model actually went around boldly feeling up unknown men’s pen!ses. These men had no idea what was literally walking up to them, and when she was done with her bit, they were left in a state that ranged from happy to shocked, and the range went through offended and disgusted as well. Talk about s*xual offence!

It might just be a good thing that in this entire video, no one acted up against it, or else, it could have been quite the pickle. But then again, they all might have just been too drenched in shock to be able to react.

This is the model who went around groping unknown men’s pen!ses

The count begins here!

Look at that poor lad’s reaction!