Best Car Insurance Providers for Retirees


2. AAA

The American Automobile Association (AAA) not only provides car insurance, but it also has a wealth of resources available to retirees and seniors. On the car insurance front, AAA members automatically get a 7% discount on their rate. There are other discounts available to if you’re age 50 or older, including those for having an alarm system on your car and a good driving record.

The real benefits with AAA, however, are the company’s driving resources for seniors, which include a Driver Improvement Course, a list of smart features for older drivers and information on the licensing laws and requirements in various states. A Senior Driving Expo provides information and resources designed to help older drivers continue driving safely for as long as possible. Many of these resources, like the Driver Improvement Courses, will help to lower car insurance rates even further.


GEICO provides a car insurance program for older drivers (50 and over) called the “Prime Time contract,” though it isn’t available in every state (check the GEICO website). It offers preferred and discounted car insurance rates to drivers who are 50 or older, have not had any motor vehicle accidents or violations in the previous three years, do not use their car for business purposes, and don’t let anyone under age 25 operate their car.

GEICO offers additional discounts to retired members of the military and federal government employees, as well as to those who have had a clean driving record for more than five years and have completed a defensive driving course.