7 Warning Signs That Indicate Your Body Is Unhealthy


Your body keeps sending life-saving signals but you fail to recognize them. Pain is a pretty obvious signal that shows something is wrong with you. Apart from pain, there are a number of indications given by your body that can be life-saver for you. If you act smart enough to recognize these signals beforehand, then you can save yourself from a number of diseases.

Check out these 7 warning signs that show your body is unhealthy. Signs of unhealthy body

Morning urine is a great indication of your overall heath. Always pay attention to the smell and color of your urine during micturition. Lighter and straw-colored urine is a sign of healthy and hydrated body. Darker urine either indicates infection or dehydration. The density of urine indicates the hydration level of your body. A dehydrated body doesn’t produce more urine because it is holding as much water as possible.

2) Teeth

Signs of unhealthy body