7 Interesting Beauty Benefits Of Oranges That Will Leave You Amazed


Oranges are loved across the world, and just as unique as their name is (there is no other word that rhymes with it!) this fruit has some amazing benefits for your beauty as well. Leave aside your beauty woes and let this fruit work its natural magic on your skin.

Read on to know some great tips to make more use of this power fruit, and make it a part of your regular beauty regimen.

#1. Fights against breakouts

Orange juice is full of citric acid, which is an amazing ingredient that helps to reduce pimples. Just rubbing some orange juice onto affected areas makes the pimples dry up, leaving you with clear and blemish free skin. You can also make a face mask by grinding orange peels and applying it on your face. This will not only keep pimples at bay, but will also help to deal with oily skin.

#2. Helps in skin lightening

Orange peel powder with curd or milk can be used to make an excellent natural bleach, which can be used regularly to give the skin a sun-kissed glow of freshness. It is a very useful fairness face pack, if you have little time and a special occasion on hand, to look your best. It also helps to lighten dark skin patches and spots.

#3. Leaves skin rejuvenated

Orange juice works really well for shrinking open pores. All you need to do is dab on a few drops of orange juice onto the face, and let it be there for about two to three minutes before splashing some cold water and dabbing off your face. It will leave you with an excellent and refreshed feeling!