6 Untold Ways Honey Can Be Helpful For Your Eyes/Eyesight


Honey is palatable and sweet. It not only adds the tang to the boring breakfast but has got many advantages. It can treat diabetes, assist in weight loss, makes your skin beautiful and glowing and has got other health benefits too.

But did you know honey can improve your eyesight? For the long lasting and better vision, honey can play a very important role. It can cure all the eye infections and ailments.

1. Cures eye ailments and heals eye infection. 1. Cures eye ailments and heals eye infection. 

To deal with eye troubles such as murkiness of the cornea, cataract (initial stage), fresh and untreated honey is an ideal remedy.

To get rid of eye infections, apply honey and water solution on your eyes with the help of cotton ball. To prepare the solution, mix honey and warm water in equal quantities.

2. Rejuvenate tired eyes and reduce puffiness of eyes. ways-honey-can-be-helpful-for-eyes

Feel worn-out after long tiring day? Just apply honey over closed eyelids and after 30 minutes wash it with cold water. You’ll feel better.

3. Reduces the dryness of eyes. ways-honey-can-be-helpful-for-eyes

Dryness is the condition when the eyes are not able to produce tears required for its lubrication. It leads to itchy eyes, reddening of eyes and partial vision.

To treat this condition, prepare an eye wash with the help of honey and warm water and wash your eyes with this every alternate day before sleeping.