13 Top Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes



Glycerin mask is another home remedy to get rid of double chin. Mix one tablespoon of glycerin, half tablespoon of Epsom salt and few drops of peppermint oil. Apply this mix directly onto the chin and neck area like a mask using cotton ball. Leave the mask on the chin for half an hour so that all the nutrients are absorbed properly. Glycerin helps to maintain the moisture of the skin and Epson salt reduces water retention. Wash the area with cool water after half an hour. Apply this mask 3 to 5 times daily to get positive results.

Drink Water

It is necessary to drink plenty of water, if you want to get rid of your double chin. Drinking more water helps in the proper removal of fat from the body. It is necessary to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to reduce double chin. You can increase your water intake by having fruits and vegetables that are high in water content like cucumber, melon, lettuce, etc. Limit the intake of beverages like coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Replace these beverages with water, if you want to get faster results.

Green Tea

Green tea has the ability to increase the metabolic rate and this will help to burn extra fat from the body. The antioxidants present in green tea help to remove the toxins from the body. So, if you want to avoid or get rid of double chin you have to avoid your caffeine intake and drink more green tea.

Drinking several cups of green tea will help to keep your metabolic rate increased and this will result in more calorie burning. You can choose any flavor of green tea suitable to you.

Chin Wraps

You can use chin wraps to remove the excess fat under your chin. You can make your own homemade mineral oil wrap. Apply mineral oil under your chin using a cotton ball and wrap it with plastic wrap and cover it with a warm towel. Leave the wrap in position for about 45 minutes. This method will provide immediate improvement to the area.

Are you a middle aged person having a double chin? Do you want to avoid the costly methods of removing a double chin?Then you can try some of the methods given here to get rid of the double chin in the safest way.