13 Top Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes


So if you are looking for a permanent cure and the most natural cure to treat this common but annoying issue then opt for home remedies.

2. Aging

  • This is another major cause for double chin in people who are over middle age. The fat deposition, muscle loss and loosening of the skin are all caused by aging.
  • When the muscles losses its strength and skin loses its elasticity it leads to the development of double chin.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises are effective in reducing double chins in middle aged people.
  • Facial and jaw muscle exercises slow down the appearance of aging changes in the face

3. Excess Weight

This is considered as the most common cause for double chin development in people.

  • If you are overweight or have excess fat deposits in the body, you can naturally expect double chin.
  • Even people who are not obese but are regularly having a fatty diet can develop double chin, if they do not exercise.
  • If overweight is the reason for your double chin, then it is easy to get rid of your double chin by getting rid of the fat deposits in your body.

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin?

Genetics, age and obesity can contribute to the double chin; however there are certain methods which will help you to get rid of double chin this includes

  • Cosmetic Procedures – procedures such as lipolysis, liposuction, face lifting, etc. are helpful in completely removing a double chin, but these procedures are costly and cannot be afforded by all.
  • Healthy Lifestyle– Which includes proper diet which prevents fat deposition in the body. This will certainly improve your chances of avoiding double chin or reducing the present double chin.
  • Over The Counter Creams And Medications – there are different neck firming products available in the market which claims to get rid of double chin. Some of these products will contain natural products. The effectiveness of these creams is not guaranteed.
  • Exercises– the general exercises of the body to make your body fit and special exercises for the muscles supporting the chin to get rid of double chin
  • Having Proper Posture– Improper jaw alignment or slouching causes the muscles of the chin. Jaw and neck become weak. Sitting in right posture with your back upright, shoulders kept back and your head held in a proper way reduces the chances of developing a double chin.
  • Home Remedies – there are many home remedies which are used by people over many generations to remove double chin.