Top 15 Super Foods for Teeth


Foods-for-TeethWhen it comes to caring for our teeth, there are many oral practices that come to mind. These need to be incorporated as daily habits if one wishes to keep their teeth and gums healthy and prevent tooth decay or gum diseases. However, that is not all that one can do for their teeth. Food has a vital role to play for helping to strengthen our gums and teeth and to fight decay and diseases from coming on. In general, food that is acidic is not great for the teeth as the enamel is weakened as a result. Again, food items with distinct vitamins and mineral groups help to fortify the tooth and the gums. The right kind of diet and the ideal foods for tooth health are enumerated below.

Top 15 Super Foods for Teeth

1. Sugar Free Gum

There are many studies that have proven that sugar free gum can help to improve the dental health.

• If one chews gum it cleans the teeth by stimulating the production of saliva.
• The saliva in turn washes away the acids that are produced inside the mouth by bacteria.
• Saliva contains calcium and phosphate and that can help to strengthen the bones in the teeth.
• Gum also helps to scrub the teeth and strengthen the jaws.
After one finishes a meal one can use sugar free gum to avoid the build up of extra sugar in the blood stream.

2. Drinking Water

For maintaining good oral health one needs to keep themselves hydrated.

• Water in the plain form is known to wash away toxins, and increases the saliva content which consists of essential minerals.
• Small food particles are washed away from the teeth which can lodge in between the teeth and cause problems.
• The gums are kept hydrated by water and it helps to prevent decay of the tooth enamel.
• Tap water is known to contain fluoride which is a mineral that protects the tooth against erosion.
Thus, washing the mouth with tap water after every meal and drinking lots of water will keep the gums and teeth healthy.