10 Important Signs You Are Washing Your Hair All Wrong


We all want our hair to look good, be soft and shiny, that it does not fall too much and always be in a way that we can style it in a million ways to go with whatever we wear. Advertisements today even cater to this major need.

Sadly, not all recommendations and advertisements work, they end up leaving the person disappointed and at a loss higher sometimes as well. We will all wish the world to be a wish granting factory but sadly it isn’t and you have to find your own solutions. In this case, you don’t even need to find a solution because you can help your hair and in the process yourself by just avoiding some mistakes you normally do.

Towel drying isn’t the best idea.

Towel drying isn't the best idea.

Thanks to friction, drying your hair using towel can lead to frizziness which can lead to hair damage as well. Instead, you could use other methods such as using a t-shirt or blotting your hair.

Too much doesn’t mean better.Too much doesn't mean better.

If you think that using a good quantity of shampoo or conditioner is a good idea, believes us it isn’t. This isn’t some competition where you use more and win, even a bit is good enough.