10 Dangerous Headaches And What They Say About Your Health


About 12 million people in the world are misdiagnosed every year and that’s not a good number. The basic thing to be misdiagnosed in the medical scene is a headache. One can never tell whether a headache is as simple as a tension headache due to exhaustion during the day or a dangerous life threatening disease.

Luckily for us, doctors have provided an easy means of finding out the truth behind the type, severity and duration of your headache. So you can tell whether it’s only a migraine or a probably brain tumor.

There are various types of headache.


A dull aching pain would be a sign of tension or sinus headache.

But some can be slightly dangerous.

But some can be slightly dangerous.

A headache can come as a result of a brain aneurysm, tumors or bleeding inside the brain.

1. A thunderclap headache

1. A thunderclap headache

It is a sudden onset headache and the first 60 seconds are probably the worst. It is unbearable and it could be a sign of bleeding in the brain.